Acquisitions & Acquisition Searches

Mergers and acquisitions are complex transactions requiring experienced and professional handling for both buyers and sellers. RYS & CO. represents private and publicly held companies, merchant groups and management groups in making acquisitions.

RYS & CO. represents seller and buyers, so we generally represent a number of high-quality acquisition prospects.

RYS & CO. often becomes aware of companies open to being acquired during an acquisition search for one of our clients. These companies are not actively on the market.

RYS & CO. is often engaged to represent corporate buyers, merchant groups and their portfolio companies in acquiring one or several companies to either merge into an existing operation or to complement existing products and services, as a part of a diversification plan or industry consolidation effort.

Our involvement is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and may include any combination of services from contacting an identified target to acting as an “in-house” acquisition department handling all merger and acquisition related matters. RYS & CO. provides both PROACTIVE and PASSIVE searches.

PASSIVE searches conducted by RYS & CO. are generally confined to the following and require an Engagement Agreement and may include the following services:

  • Search our extensive seller database for matching criteria;
  • Search various internet sites;
  • Post of your acquisition criteria on several internet sites;
  • List your acquisition criteria in several widely circulated M&A publications;
  • Maintain a lookout for companies meeting your acquisition criteria; and,
  • Contact our affiliates around the country

RYS & CO.’s PROACTIVE search is more aggressive than other firms.

Our goal is to provide as much proprietary deal flow as possible (possibly including acquisition targets that are not currently on the market or those represented by another intermediary firm).

RYS & CO. will ask you:

  • Are you prepared to make an acquisition?
  • Everyone including company owners, boards and senior management must be committed to making the acquisition.
  • Will you have the management resources both during and after the acquisition?
  • Are financial resources adequate?
  • Have you appraised potential financing sources of your intentions?

Some of the support RYS & CO. provides are as follows:

  • Devise an ongoing merger and/or acquisition program;
  • Establish the criteria for an acquisition search;
  • Prepare a profile of the client’s background, business and financial information;
  • Provide anonymity for the buy-side client, if desired;
  • Identify, approach and screen prospective candidates;
  • Gather financial, operational and other information on possible candidates;
  • Assist in evaluating selected acquisition candidates;
  • Assist in establishing the best structure and terms for the transaction;
  • Assist in the negotiation of a final definitive purchase agreement;
  • Assist in obtaining acquisition financing, if necessary;
  • Regarding mergers – advise on integration of the operations;
  • Regarding acquisitions – advise in areas of strategic planning and improvements in profitability; and,
  • Work with your staff and professional advisors as an integral acquisition team member.

Remaining anonymous can often be crucial to the search process, especially if your target is a competitor or if the purchase price could be inflated if the name of the acquirer were known.

RYS & CO. can be brought in after an acquisition target has been identified to act as the acquirer’s representative in negotiations and to coordinate the acquisition through closing.

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