Acquisition Structuring

Using a public company to buy or merge with a private business is the next phase of a dynamic paradigm shift in the ways small and medium enterprise (SME) companies can access capital to grow and expand. As we are all acutely aware, the down turn of 2007 and 2008 and the ongoing financial scandals of the last 2 decade decimated capital access for the SME business community.

RYS & Co. will be one of the leaders in developing a long term strategy based on SME IPO/DPO (Initial Public Offering/Direct Public Offering) infrastructure covering pre-registration through aftermarket support.

Our research shows that the U.S. IPO/DPO market can be increased 10 fold (# of transactions) with registrations of between 5 to 25 million dollars! This could bring fresh capital into the SME market place as much as (averaged) of 20 billion dollars or a 41% increase over 2012. The impact on Jobs creation could be substantial.

RYS & Co. is planning to sponsor two SME public offerings to test the markets and identify and fill gaps that exist in the models infrastructure and where necessary develop the needed tools. Early focus is on the need to lower cost of a registration transaction through legal, accounting, compliance support and placement (securities sale). We are looking to align resources in these areas as well as pre IPO/DPO capital access.

The model is based on the current owner managers remaining in an operational capacity negating the owner compensation value from a valuation standpoint.

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