Merger & Acquisition Advisory

RYS & Co. and staff are involved in mergers and acquisitions for themselves and others in many diverse fields. This experience is invaluable to a company or owner contemplating a sale, acquisition or related transaction. RYS leverages its vast experience, market research and contacts so our clients can make the best possible decisions.

RYS & CO. provides small business development advisory services to privately held, publicly traded companies and investor groups. Many of our clients do not necessarily have an immediate need for a specific service but want to establish a working relationship with us.

RYS & CO. is frequently called upon to advise a client after an offer is received or to evaluate an acquisition opportunity.

We review company financial statements and strategic plans, and then make prudent suggestions for the growth or direction of the company. We frequently act as a company’s merger and acquisition (M&A) department, fielding inquiries from possible acquirers as well as possible acquisition candidates. Even though the company may not actively be soliciting either, we can easily gear up to handle the increased activity. RYS & CO. can coordinate publicity and new releases to trade publications and the press to create awareness and interest among potential sellers.

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