Transaction Advisor

Just as business owners and executives are experts at running their companies, lawyers at legal affairs and accountants at tax and accounting matters, RYS and staff are experts at maximizing value in a merger, acquisition or sale. Although most business owners have vast experience in managing their businesses, they generally have little experience in acquiring or selling a business. In contrast, most corporate acquirers and investors have significant experience in buying businesses. Those who do not generally retain qualified professionals to help them to identify value and negotiate the transaction whether you are selling a company for the first time or you are an ongoing acquirer, RYS is well worth the price for the expertise gained. RYS provides each and every transaction with:

  • Confidentiality
  • Expertise
  • Ability to value the business given all factors
  • Maximize the price
  • Orderly professional sale process
  • Ability to know and locate buyers or sellers through extensive contacts
  • Ability to create an auction process if appropriate
  • Increase in the odds of a successful transaction
  • Ability negotiate the best terms and conditions

RYS devotes time and resources to successfully complete a transaction. Company owners who wish to sell or acquire a business without the assistance of a specialist often find themselves spending most of their time attempting to sell or buy rather than to actually run their business. Even those lawyers and accountants who may be familiar with an owner’s operation are seldom qualified to handle the demands of the merger, acquisition or divestiture process, and may lack the in-depth knowledge to identify all the potential buyers.

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