Baby Boomers in Transition

Investment, business, and management opportunities are abundant. However, great deals are scarce and much harder to find if one doesn’t know where to look. One always hears about disruptive technologies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other “unicorns.” Yet the largest transfer of wealth in history is now underway, and it is in the form of established operating businesses owned by Baby Boomers.

When analyzing the issues, they must face during this transition, it is important to understand and appreciate the impact on the US economy as Baby Boomers retire. There is currently an opportunity in the business transition segment of the financial services industry to generate unprecedented wealth and income as a fully-integrated company providing a level of end-to-end solutions for the Baby Boomer generation. This opportunity is due to a multi trillion-dollar transfer of wealth within the United States as Baby Boomers ‘cash out’ by selling their businesses and retire. The baby boomer generation currently owns a disproportionate number of private businesses that are either in transition or divestiture, or soon will be. Many of these businesses are low-tech mainstream businesses.