RYS&Co. is the culmination of years of experience, tracing its roots back to R Y Salisbury and Associates in 1992, and its predecessor, FCS Group, 1984. This has led to the development of a concentration of operational experience and institutional knowledge that cannot be learned in books; it may and only be gained over time and at a considerable cost. Through the addition of other Senior Partners, RYS&Co. has created a team having over 150 years of combined knowledge and concentrated expertise. Our team has decades of experience and has participated in more than 100 + transactions, valued from $150,000 to $51,000,000.

RYS&Co (1984) is a Private Investment Company, Management Company Merchant Banker and Holding Company:

Private Investment Company “A major type of company not covered under the Investment Company Act is private investment companies, which are simply private companies that make investments in stocks or bonds, but are limited to under 100 investors and are not regulated by the SEC. These funds are often composed of very wealthy investors.”

C2C Business Strategies, LLC (2013) (fka RYS and Company Management, LLC) Management Company:

is the wholly owned management arm of RYS&Co a Private Investment Company, C2C functions as a trusted advisor for RYS&Co’s portfolio, affiliates and investments. C2C also hold interest in the securities of other companies on behalf of RYS&Co, to form entities in which might also be a corporation, limited partnership or limited liability company to further RYS&Co’s agenda. C2C provides services to outside clients as well, with primary business focus of helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the thorough analysis of a client’s business and development of plans for moving forward.

Create Acquire Exit, LP (2018) is a Merchant Banker:

Just as business owners and executives are experts at running their companies, lawyers have expertise with respect to legal affairs, and certified public accountants are versed in tax and accounting matters, Create Acquire Exit, LP and staff are experts at maximizing value in merger, acquisition or sale transactions. Although most business owners have vast experience in managing their businesses, they generally have little experience in acquiring or selling a business. In contrast, most corporate acquirers and investors have significant experience in buying businesses, and those who do not retain qualified professionals to help them to identify value and negotiate the transaction often find themselves at a considerable disadvantage.