The building of a world class financial organization, Principals with diversified industrial knowledge at all levels of business growth.

C-A-E is a private Merchant Banking firm providing business transition and finance advisory services.  C-A-E acts as an advisor to lower middle market size companies, providing business counsel on a company’s transition, finances, mergers, acquisitions, public and private transition, management buyouts and corporate divestitures.  The C-A-E team of professionals create significant value for their client companies. 

“It is estimated that there are 20,000 baby boomers retiring every day for the next decade, and 6% to 7% of these own a business (1200+). It is assumed that they will be seeking divestiture opportunities with favorable exit strategies.”

Preferable transactions are $300 thousand to $20 million; however, situations that require larger capital for later stage companies are well within our scope.


The target audience for partners and associates is real estate brokers/agents, investment banker, business intermediary, corporate attorneys, certified public accountant, management consultant or a business professional looking for a second career.


•       Building the largest privately-owned transition firm in US

•       6 Regional Partner Market Center Offices

•       60 Metropolitan Area Population Center Offices

•       300 associates (plus)

•       75 staff members

•       The go to Firm of small & medium sized transactions

•       The greatest value ad proposition in the market place

•       Proprietary transaction & investment platform


Create – Acquire – Exit, LP (C-A-E) is looking for executives interested in developing a career in the financial industry as a Merchant Banker. By Joining with CAE as a Director of Merchant Banking, you will be granted an exclusive Numbered Merchant Banking license (NMB) and receive a limited partnership interest in CAE.

As a C-A-E Partner or associate, you will become part of a network of business and financial professionals providing lower and middle market companies with Transition Strategies, Business Development, Strategic Financial Planning and Merger & Acquisition services. As a Partner or Associate you will develop a book of business in your geographic market area based on these services. Further, as a Partner, you will recruit Associate Directors in your market to function as deal-origination agents.

As a holder of an NMB license, you will have the opportunity to build personal wealth with a six-figure income stream. There are a limited number of licenses available, thereby creating exclusivity and value. The combined value of the license and partnership interest is expected to increase as the partnership increases market penetration.