RYS&Co is building a diverse portfolio of companies and investments.


A private company targeting acquisitions focusing on building materials, manufacturing, distribution and instillation of natural and composite products as part of the roll out of a business consolidation in the following areas;

  • Custom Millwork
  • High-end Furniture Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Building Products
  • Molding & Trim
  • Flooring & Installation

DECO Moulding, LLC

Composite Moulding and Trim manufactured in North America. Products are eco-friendly and recyclable, durable and water proof. The Company plans to launch an installation services business franchise.

REGULUS Private Equity, LP

Exploring the formation of a Small Fund (Entrance & Exit Fund) seeking Accredited Investors with a minimum investment of $100,000 in indication of interest for a minimum of $3 million. The Fund will acquire 2 or 3 related companies (already Identified) that can be consolidated into 1 company. Exit is to take public within 18 to 24 months. ROI of double digit cash on cash and 1 to 3 times principle over 30 to 36 months in equity appreciation.

Fund uses a model of a maximum of 50% down on acquisition and 50% owner financing using convertible debt. Fund has a matrix of Gross Sales, EBIT and PE multiple.

Touch Up Teak, LLC

A full-service provider for preserving, repairing, restoring and maintaining a wide variety of exotic wood. We treat client’s wood pieces with the utmost care. Protecting their investment with Touch Up Teak!

Company currently operates out of Hollywood Florida and has a very established commercial and residential client base. Company research shows that each of these markets can be very productive. The goal is to expand our market reach via additional locations with qualified management in place. The Company is also expanding into furniture sales and limited manufacturing.

Majestic Teak

Is a line of high end patio furniture with proprietary finishing that best preserves the wood in the outdoor environments?

Majestic Teak has launching a selective value-added patio furniture lines for our residential clients. The Company has partners with the best manufacturers of teak and other exotic woods. When you buy high quality patio furniture you are making a significant investment that should last for generations.

When you buy your furniture from Majestic Teak by Touch Up Teak you receive the strongest commitment in the industry for the Best Furniture, the Best Custom Finishing and the Best Maintenance/Warranty.

Our commitment makes Majestic Teak the best place to buy your furniture and protect the investment for generations.

Viking Essentials

A leading provider of 100% Wild Sock-Eye Salmon Fish Oil and Omega-3 nutritional supplements. Our product is based upon the scientific evidence of Omega-3 fatty acids for improving cardiac, emotional well-being, joint comfort and overall health. 

We use the most advanced manufacturing processes, in GMP compliant facilities, to provide the highest purity Omega-3 products on the market. Viking Essentials is committed to helping its customers lead healthier lives. The mission of Viking Essentials is to develop natural products of the highest quality that promote health and wellbeing based on scientific evidence. 

investorLYNX, Co.

Currently inactive with plans to develop into a business listing platform.

investorLYNXTM will be a Maine corporation that, through www.investorLYNX.com, is a premier Internet platform for combining businesses seeking investment capital or business buyers, with Accredited Investors, institutions and business professionals seeking viable investment transactions for their own account and that of their clients.

investorLYNXTM is a two-sided business portal that incorporates a business-listing platform with an invitation-only investment network composed of Accredited Investors and institutions, and successful business leaders in the United States. This investment network will provide small companies access to document services, investment capital, strategic advice and mentoring, and business tools and products to early stage through mature companies to help them achieve market leadership in their respective industries.

In addition to equity participation, investorLYNXTM has created (40) GoldenLYNX Founders’ Seats. investorLYNXTM created the founding level Seats to promote participation in the development and building of the platform with the intent of expanding its benefits as the company grows, potentially including advisory and Board seats.