Roy Y Salisbury

Managing Partner

In 1975 Mr. Salisbury joined the United States Marine Corp (USMC) as a young man with little or no direction or goals. Mr. Salisbury had no intention of joining the USMC but rather the Army National Guard, Army, Air Force or Navy, but did not have a High school diploma at the time, a requirement for all except the USMC. In 11 weeks his entire view of the world changed, and he became a believer that he could do anything he set his mind to. The USMC builds and shapes a Marine’s character, confidence and willingness to rise to any challenge. The USMC changed his life in many ways and gave him the strength and knowledge to always continue to advance. This was not always easy at times; however, he maintained his conviction and never to retreat.

Mr. Salisbury shares more than thirty-nine years of experience in private and public companies. Mr. Salisbury is currently the Managing Partner RYS&Co, the General Partner of WILLOW GP, a group of exchange funds. His professional experience demonstrates proven success in complete deal-making, including public offerings, private placement and M&A transactions; turnarounds, restructuring and bankruptcy; and dealing with financial institutions, investors, stock exchanges and the SEC for both public and private companies. Mr. Salisbury’s experience includes both domestic and foreign transactions. A former Marine, he has participated as an investor and principal in bankruptcy workouts transactions in the timber and construction industry; travel industry auditing and compliance; oil and gas investments; timber industry in trucking, harvesting, management; electronics manufacturing and distribution; restaurant and hotel industry.

Over the past 39 years Mr. Salisbury has been an entrepreneur and business owner many times, in timber & trucking (his first business), recycling, renewable energy, financial services and travel & tourism. Mr. Salisbury has also held a number of positions as a C-Level executive of 3 technology, 2 investment banking and 3 manufacturing companies. From time to time he also functioned as a turnaround specialist for company shareholders and creditors in a number of bankruptcy proceedings.

Paul F Murray

Co-Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Portfolio companies

Mr. Murray’s entrepreneurial experience ranges from building materials, nutraceuticals, oil industry, renewable energy (solar) and investment banking.

Mr. Murray has 25 years of diverse industry experience as a business manager, owner and advisor founding a number of companies, most recently Touch Up Teak, an exotic wood finishing company in which Mr. Murray developed a proprietary 12 step process; DECO Moulding, a natural and composite building materials; Majestic Teak furniture and Viking Essentials healthy supplement’s. Mr. Murray has a background in the manufacturing of retreading tires and high-performance tires and a complete understanding of mold curing and precure processing through compounding of different rubber formulas.

Since 2010 Mr. Murray has been operating and building the furniture line refinishing and building materials businesses.

Mr. Murray has a degree in geology.

James E. Jenkins

President C2C Business Strategies, LLC

brings over 38 years of diversified experience in senior management, manufacturing operations, SEC public company experience to include CEO and COB, investment banking, real estate and commodities market. Mr. Jenkins has over 25 years’ experience in raising capital and structuring financial transactions in manufacturing, real estate and commodities. He has complete deal-making experience including public offerings, private placement and M&A transactions, bond offering, and commercial real estate construction. He has managed multiple functions including manufacturing, finance, operations, due diligence, and has experience with financial institutions, investors, stock exchanges and SEC. Mr. Jenkins attended Northern Essex Community College Haverhill, MA., and Daniel Webster College, Amherst NH for Business Management; Open University, Orlando Florida, certified Commercial Mortgage Investor (CMI), and American Management Association; Quality Control, Production Control, Mfg. Processes and Supervision/Management.